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Tradingview btc usdt binance

H; Unlike and earlier than we guessed, BTC break down of the Ascending wedge before touching the top line, So all alts price dropped down. Now we have 2 possibility ways to continue, 1 - A triangle will be made and BTC will moves in, and break out to the next level by 3 ways possible, I think this is the most possible. 2 - BTC will break down to lower support. BNBUSDT - It is either finished the 5th of 3rd of C wave up as truncated 5th OR it may extend the cycle up. so go pump it above new high or sell on bounc once the impulse down cycle confirmed in 5 min time frame down side with bounce with stop level above last high. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People.

Tradingview btc usdt binance

BTC/USDT CHART ANALYSIS for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by arpitmukeshmehta — TradingView India

Next resistance Videos only. Will History Repeat itself? Remember you heard it here first! Breakout Imminent!!! Bitcoin potential breakout from triangle. Wyckoff Distribution says Bitcoin will go down,don't get trapped. Update on previous idea.

The facts are in the chart! Bitcoin reached nearest resistance Show more ideas. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls this cryptocurrency and everyone can take part.

Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system. Related Symbols. The confirmation is the wick marked "new support". Do you see the way it retracted quickly like it touched something hot? That's confirmed support.

Circled is the possible Videos only. Bitcoin Bear Flag! BTC can get down in short term. BTC could test upper limit a fourth time. BTC lost its up channel and now enter in a new down channel.

BTC can go too high or it can make an channel on this position. BTC price next 6 month. BTC consolidation. BTC dumping? Bitcoin pennant decision. Bnb, the native token for one of the biggest international exchange is signalling a buy on weekly.

BNB is in an interesting spot, fundamentally speaking: who knows what's really going to happen to exchanges like Binance once the big regulations start hitting crypto now that it's entering the main, mainstream. Aside from that it has good fundamentals: it's used for decreased trading fees on the highest volume crypto exchange and you can stake it for passive I, however, see higher prices for BNB.

For the time, if the price could break the green line, we will see a pump. On the other hand, losing the cloud's support will result in lower prices. I would recommend a long position near the green cloud based on support zones and a slight Strong support in an uptrend Channel on both 50 MA and fib 0.

Speculative play. Target Boon. I mean moon.


BTCUSD There was a lot of bad news yesterday, things started to fall. The main part was sold, a good fall is expected, many opened short. It is not yet profitable for big players to see BTC go down. In the long term, the trend is upward, the correction has not yet been normal. The price can go up in the region of $ 29, to believe in growth. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. tradingview india. btc has just made a new high of +. the support and ressistance were drawn days back and were still working fine. due to which we were able to catch this movement. this analysis is just for analysis and education purpose, and not any trade recommendation. Tags:Bitcoin trader y messi, How to buy bitcoin and trade, Foro bitcoin trader, Youtube bitcoin trading challenge, Trade apple gift card for bitcoin

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