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Hitbtc deposit issues

Dec 22,  · The deposit fees will be deducted from the amount of the incoming transaction. The fee amount for every token is shown below the deposit address. Please be advised that if your deposit is lower or equals the fee, the whole amount will be used for the commission and will not be refunded. Respectfully, HitBTC. Deposit and Withdrawal Options. There are several options for deposits and withdrawals on HitBTC. Each option comes with a fee structure. Traders can deposit or withdraw funds on HitBTC using the. Dec 28,  · Many services have been experiencing technical issues due to the increasing number of clients. Some exchanges are suspending new registrations entirely, and others are taking limitation measures as well. HitBTC is facing challenges without limiting the possibilities for our clients and we are proud to be one of the few to do so.

Hitbtc deposit issues

Banking and Legal Information / HitBTC

It can mean that certain currencies may remain in maintenance mode for days, with their transactions pending. All of the above basically means that the waiting line for our support is enormous right now. In the first three weeks of December we have received one and a half times more requests than in the previous three months.

Behind every issue there is an easy explanation, but failure to provide them on time e. The following announcements are being presented to eliminate it. Your browser does not support JavaScript.

Update it for a better user experience. Exchange Markets System Health. Exchange Markets Register Sign in. Every support ticket will receive its reply. It is worth mentioning right now, despite that it goes without saying by default.

Not a single issue will remain unprocessed. However, in order for our support heroes to deliver the best possible efficiency we kindly ask you not to create more than one ticket regarding the same issue.

The successful resolution of the issue often arrives more quickly than our proper report about that. Please be patient. HitBTC trading has always been secure and it remains so. Please make yourself acquainted with our detailed article. However, in our experience, we had no such issues, as the exchange and its team functions well, especially if you follow all security recommendations and best practices.

HitBTC is an old-time bitcoin exchange established in Since then, the exchange has made a name for itself as a go-to place for buying and selling low cap altcoins. All in all, these features make HitBTC one of the top altcoin exchanges in terms of available markets and liquidity.

Nevertheless, it also has numerous concerns surrounding it, which we address further in this HitBTC review. Founded in and launched in February , HitBTC is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange specializing in altcoin spot trading.

It boasts of being established by experienced system architects, technology engineers, and finance experts, though most of HitBTC team remain anonymous, which is a big red flag for some users. Reportedly, the company was kickstarted with a USD 6 million venture capital investment. Nevertheless, HitBTC exchange is open about its official location. During its six and counting years of operation, HitBTC had a colorful history with numerous accusations. There are many posts on social media, forums, and review sites pointing out all sorts of issues with the website.

One of the more notable rumors surrounding the exchange includes the hack of BTER and Excoin exchanges. HitBTC also went offline at the same time, but never acknowledged any losses or that it experienced a security breach. In and , many users have complained of slow HitBTC support response times, and some users also experienced issues with fund withdrawals. This happens for safety reasons only — it is standard procedure, and we do it simply because the security of our customers is our top priority," HitBTC spokesperson told Cryptonews.

In recent years, HitBTC has become a top exchange in terms of market liquidity, competing with such exchanges like Bitfinex and Binance. CryptoCompare even grants HitBTC the highest score in the data reporting section, indicating that the exchange's liquidity must be real competing unregulated exchanges that fake most of their trading volume.

The exchange is often accused of lack of transparency and shadowy businesses practices; however, there is no tangible evidence for these claims. It also values users' data and privacy and is entirely GDPR compliant , as you can delete your data from the exchange at any time. HitBTC runs a global operation. However, its terms and conditions specify that citizens and residents, as well as companies from the following countries, cannot use its services:.

HitBTC has several different verification tiers. Unverified accounts start as Starter, and verified ones receive upgraded account status. In order to get verified, you will have to submit the following documents:.

Although HitBTC verification is not forced, upgraded accounts enjoy numerous benefits like the ability to regain access to the account in case of losing password or two-factor authenticator and lower trading fees. The service is accessible via bequant. Trading cryptocurrencies on HitBTC comes with a simple fee structure. It does not charge fees for cryptocurrency deposits, but incur a cost for placing orders and withdrawing funds from the platform.

HitBTC trading fees are among the lowest in the industry. Unverified users pay 0. Here is how the lowest tier HitBTC fees fare with other popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

As you can see, there is a significant difference in HitBTC trading fees for verified and unverified accounts. When it comes to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, there are no fees for making deposits with HitBTC. However, there are flat fees for withdrawals, and these can be particularly high for some of the newer cryptocurrencies listed on the site. As an example, the following is a list of the one-off fees charged for withdrawing some of the more popular currencies:. In this regard, HitBTC withdrawal fees are some of the highest amongst all cryptocurrency exchanges.

To sum it up: HitBTC offers some of the lowest cryptocurrency trading fees amongst all crypto-to-crypto exchanges. At the same time, its cryptocurrency withdrawal fees can be unreasonably high for certain coins, making HitBTC fees a sort of mixed bag. While such fee structure works for large-volume traders, it may be irritating for small traders dealing with small amounts of crypto. HitBTC does security well. For one, it lets users set up two-factor authentication for all their transactions, adding an extra layer of safety.

And just in case someone else happens to be logged into their account, they can click a button that terminates all sessions except theirs. At the same time, they can also choose to automatically log out of all sessions at a selected, regular interval. In addition to these options, HitBTC users can protect their account with the following security measures:. Until you do so, some features of the exchange will be locked, which is good for your security. Yet despite its appeal as a secure technology, HitBTC remains an unregulated exchange at the forefront of the crypto wild west, which raises questions and adds risks to its reliability.

Many users online seem to complain about forced know your customer KYC checks when withdrawing funds, so a good practice would be verifying your account before starting to trade on HitBTC. Also, the exchange employs a sophisticated legal team and complies with GDPR regulations, thus giving you full control over your data and privacy.

However, it scores only 9. Overall, HitBTC is a secure exchange in terms of technology it uses to protect your funds. However, the exchange lacks transparency when it comes to its team and location, which is a major red flag for some. On the contrary, it has a proven track record, operating in the industry for more than six years already. For the inexperienced cryptocurrency buyer or trader, navigating the HitBTC website is, at first, a dizzying experience.

Much of this initial complexity comes from how HitBTC is focused more on the experienced trader than on people new to cryptocurrency. As such, more experienced retail traders and professionals should not have issues with the exchange's interface.

HitBTC exchange – December 2020 review General info

Mar 06,  · Many HitBTC users have reported problems such as unusually high withdrawal fees, difficulties with verification and missing deposits. If they occur, there’s no guarantee that these issues will be resolved by HitBTC customer service. Nov 13,  · HitBTC accepts deposits and provides withdrawals in any of the following crypto assets. However, HitBTC reserves the right to reject any deposits and suspend withdrawals which its compliance and risk management service provider has decided to be the result of detecting of suspicious activity such as criminal activity or any other infringement. r/hitbtc is flooded with people just like me. u/hitbtc was banned from Reddit. It's just very weird they allow me to deposit with no problems, but then a withdraw 6 hours later all hell breaks loose and my account is on full lockdown. If anyone has had any luck ever getting funds out after KYC on HitBTC please offer some guidance. Tags:The best trading platform for bitcoin, China market bitcoin, Ig trading btc, Biggest bitcoin marketplaces, Purchase bitcoin on etrade

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