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Greenfields bitcoin trading

GreenFields Capital understands what a modern trader is interested in and does a very good job at providing an excellent variety of markets to trade in. Their main markets revolve around CFD and Forex trading on Bitcoin and traditional assets such as oil, gold, stocks, as well as market indices and shares. Greenfields Capital was an unlicensed Bitcoin and Forex broker, that opened in Their minimum deposit for new trading accounts is $ The minimum trade size is $5. Greenfields Capital offers their traders the popular Spot5 CFD trading platform. experience, and how to Premium Trading Platform minimum deposit for new GreenFields Capital is a Chat — Capital — GreenFieldsCapital is a new binary options trading APP forex trading platform. review and find out through Bitcoin GreenFields and Forex broker, that Bitcoin's total market capitalization and launched in new clients.

Greenfields bitcoin trading

GreenFields Capital Crypto Trading Platform Review

Having not been involved with crypto currencies before, it seemed to me to be a good idea to me to use an automatic system. I am not sure at this point in time whether my account is verified, as I only paid out yesterday evening and sent all the documentation asked for. What is my best course of action please, and do you think I will get my money returned? Thank you for your inquiry. Both cryptorobot and Greenfields are scams, why I accuse them like that can be read on our website where we have exposed them.

In general, all automatic systems just try to rob people who have no experience in trading from their money. IQ Option is a good choice, especially if you plan to buy a cryptocurrency and hold it for a longer time period there are no swaps fees when you stay in a position overnight which normally other CFD brokers charge.

And if you are a beginner, their offer might be the best fit you. Find a cryptocurrency that you think has the best potential to grow, then you can buy it and hold it. I hope I could be at least a bit of help. Thanks so much for your help. I have copied you in on my reply to an email from Greenfields, for your info in case it helps with others. I hope that because the back of my ID card is missing, they may not go forward with this transaction, elsewise I believe Tesco will recover it for me.

Always best to use a credit card. So sorry but I no longer wish to proceed with this financial arrangement, so have no need to produce this other document.

Hello John, I am glad I could be of help! I have managed to get a full refund though without speaking to a manager. Good luck to everyone else. Hello Angus, Great to hear that you managed to get your money back :. You are right, always use only money that you can afford to lose. If you really need them for something in your life, do not use them for trading. Hi I Have just invested with Greenfields Capital.

I have now read the reviews to my worry! I am now worried about my investments! Will I be able to cancel or withdraw my investment with them! You have to options now. Visit their website and ask for a withdrawal, or try to make a request to your bank to cancel the payment.

After 2 days they deposited 5. Then they persuaded me to deposit more because of the bitcoin shares. I deposited addition of 11k. Now I am pleased to see the total in my Acct 25K within 2 weeks. I aI transferred 1K giving my details, the system has deducted from my Account on the following day, I checked my personal account it has not been credited yet. I am a bit worried if I can get the money.

My account Manager also suggested that I send by wire transfer. Please advice me, how I can withdraw the 25K or they expect 30 times of the bonus is 7k needs to be traded. I am not sure what that means to start with. I want to speak to the guy, he seems reasonable. Hello Azmes, I would advise you not to deposit any more money, that is for sure. You have invested a lot of money without actually reviewing the company, that was not very smart and might come to you.

Anyway, try to stay in touch with them as much as possible, if they think you might deposit in the future, even more, money they might allow you to withdraw some of it. But as you can see from comments in this post, most people have huge problems with withdrawing any of their money…. I understand your point. But so far all the transactions are very transparent, after the incident. I checked all the transactions are under the greenfields name.

I plan to withdraw some to see it comes through. Now that I have stopped any withdrawals from my Acct. Only funds coming in will be accepted. Do you think wire transfer is much safer for me to withdraw mine funds? M name is Michele Cassimjee i live in , I heard on the radio about bitcoin and trading online.

I am from South Africa and I am a single parent and just lost my jobs. I needed to find some source of income. So I registered on greenfields capital webpage.

Which I did and foolishly signed the bonus contract. I was then contacted by a person by the name of Raphael King. He spoke to me for 2 hours trying to explain to me how the investment work and he said that my personal account needs to so I did that then he told me that there was 2 shares of apple stock available so he is going to do the purchase asap.

For my verification, they asked for my id, drivers license utility bill and a pic of the card i paid with which was my debt card. When I called the bank they said that premium peak uk withdrew the funds and when the looked into that company it was a tuxedo hiring company. I am devastated and desperate, I have tried to contact the company several times and it says the webpage does not exist. First of all, never invest money that you can not afford to lose.

Nevertheless, the biggest chance how to get your money back is through your bank. Try to call them and cancel the payment. Hello Michael, I had the exactly the similar situation I had to withdraw X, luckily next day morning I always checked my bank transactions, I saw a transaction waiting to be executed and it was the same company as theirs for X amount, I was expecting that to be from greenfields Capital, I quickly rang my Bank and told them that I do not recognise this company and I do not have any dealings.

So she said that they investigated and told me the company was bogus. I told them to cancel my debit card at once re-issue a NEW card and cancel it. He said it cannot happen that he will check and let me know. Now I have instructed my Bank not to allow withdrawal any funds.

Now looking for ways to withdraw the profits as soon as possible. Hope this helps you to get the next step. So far they have kept the deal.

But I am waiting to hear from them. Hope it helps. Therefor i am asking if i should withdraw the money now or let it continue because it sort of is not them that trade for me, it is Fintech? Hello, This decision is up to you, but as you can see most people say that Greensfields Capital is a scam and they describe how they lost money with them. Any broker in Sydney that is reliable like IQ option? Much much more in five years! Any comments? I came across GreenFields Capital earlier today but never went ahead.

Thank you Michael for clarifying about unsafe brokers or dealers. From Michael same name as yours! Hello Michael, You are right, cryptocurrencies really are skyrocketing this year.

If you want to trade them, check our article Best crypto brokers , I think Plus is a really good option now. I kept telling her this but she would not take no for an answer. She wanted me to use my phone and not the laptop, as this would be more private.

Tomorrow, when I feel less stressed out with this I will try to withdraw the money and close the account. I wish I had found this page before I put money into there account, it has been very informative reading the comments here. Good luck ,. And I set up an account with Greenfields Capital yesterday. I had phone calls from two male senior executives, in the course of the morning, and one from a female crypto-currencies trading expert, over the lunch period.

Since then, de nada. Whilst surfing the internet after lunch, on a Friday, as you do, I googled Greenfields Capital Scam, and lo and behold, found the rat was real. But, even if I have to say bye to it, they did warn me not to invest a larger amount than I could afford to lose. One good thing has come out of it.

I found out about CFD trading and it tickled my mathematical interest, so I researched it and will go down that road, when I find a more reputable company to deal with. Hello David, Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Other readers will surely benefit from your experience. Good luck to you with getting your money back, I hope it works out. I had phone calls So I registered on greenfields capital webpage. I was then contacted by a person by the name of Joe Hensen. Please help me I dont know what to do and how to get my money,Therefor i am asking if i should withdraw the money now or let it continue because it sort of is not them that trade for me, Have just invested with Greenfields Capital.

Hello M. Jega, If I were I would try to withdraw your funds from the company asap hopefully they will process this request. Since you made a deposit with a debit card you should be able to tell your bank to cancel this payment. The decision is up to you now, but as you can see most people have really bad experience with Greenfields Capital.

Hi i too invested first up then they convinced me to sighn for a dollar trade i have been trying for weeks to just get my initial investment back but they asking for more information to be sent. I also believe i have been scammed.

Hi Guys I just stumbled upon greenfeilds, and made the mistake of registering with email address and phone number. I fought back and said she was to pushy and I will do everything at my own pace. I recently opened up an account with a company called Markets Trading who are promoting a software called Bitcoin Loophole. Hello, That is very likely and you took a very important step to research these entities first.

We had several complaints on these two systems that you have mentioned: Bitcoin Loophole , Tesler 2. Markets Trading is probably something new, but if they are associated with these scams, do not trust them. Best of luck. Hello Braveen, I think they will not willingly delete your mobile information, but you can block their number on your phone.

If you need help with Bitcoin trading, do not hesitate to ask us. Hi Michael Yep im another victim from the UK. I then found out they were a scam and I have asked for a refund, But they have insisted i sign the documents to activate the deposit. Hello Mo, Which documents do they want you to sign? I have never heard of signing anything. About identity verification yes, a copy of your ID, but signing?

That sounds really strange. Hi micheal Since my last message i am having problems in getting my money back, they wont answer me back. Once i mentioned i will take it to the fraud police they have suddenly replyed that they will try and refund me.

Hmm no money yet. I hope this helps other people in my position. Now they are asking for verification document! Is it ok to send them these document or shall I dispute this transaction with my credit card company? Hello Imtiyaz, This decision is up to you I can not tell you what to do. It is true that Greenfields Capital is a shady company but identity verification is a normal process which require every broker. I have the same problem. I asked tgem for a refund but for some reason tgey asked me to verify my deposit?

If you talk to them over the phone please record the conversation and ask them to send an e-mail saying the money belongs to you and they cannot use it to trade with. DO NOT sign the bonus document. GFC recently updated their terms and conditions I read a 20 points there if anyone is having acboj t with them Or thinking to opens trading account wih then be vigilant. Do not accept the terms and Conditions all against a client. Nothing you can claim later if you accept. Try avoiding and show the real face of GFC so no one else become a victim of their organised behaviour.

I read some comments on Trading Beast web site and by the looks of your profile pic you look like a honest and trustworthy guy. So that my wife can learn and trade for a second income. Thank you for the kind words. Before I advise you anything I want to mention that you should never invest money that you can not afford to lose.

Both IQ Option and Plus are good options, Plus is better for day trading, IQ Option for long-term investing which might be a better option if you are new to this. Also definitely check out guide for crypto newbies to learn more about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Seems everyone in the same boat. Our bank Halifax taking proceeding through section 75 not receiving what you paid for. Thank you very much for the warning. I just instructed my bank to cancel 2 transactions. One for TeraMusu and one for Greenfield. This forum is very helpful.

Am I going to get it bk.? Luke, have you send them any id details? I put money as well, but starting to searching when they ask me in email for id and other personal details. Hi Michael I opened an account with greenfields I think but stopped short of depositing money. Hello, How can they charge you an inactivity fee if the bank stopped the deposit? Be careful with bitcoincode and greenfields they are all hand in gloves together and scamsters…!! Hello Sathya, Thank you for the comment for other readers.

As you can see in the comment section, many people fell for this scam and never saw their money again, so, unfortunately, I can not say whether you have a chance to see it again.

The best advice I can give you is to try reaching out to your bank to cancel the payment. I think you should give them a call to their number to check with the payment release. I have read on their website hat processing of a withdrawl request takes 3 days, due to verification reasons.

Once the request is processed, it takes about business days for money to be transferred back to your card or whichever method you have chosen. Some prople on this blog have said they have received their money back. This is exactly what I did.

As soon as I read the review, I placed a request for withdrawal of my deposit even before the schedule call of installation of the software in my system. I found them extremely pushy. Anyway, after their several attempts to pursuade me, I have managed to tell them I am not interested in trading with them because of the negative reviews. They have told me I should receive my deposit back within business days.

The company that owns Greenfieldscapital is based in London and operates as a registered company. Hi Rachel, did you send them your ID, card etc, I am just like all of us unsure how to get this money back, many. Luke, I also did the same. I after 20 minutes was asking for my money back because they lied about many things to me and they are such a none professional company.

Hi, A close friend of mine has just fallen victim to these scammers. We wish she had read all your comments before! In her case the broker actually managed to persuade her to give him access into her computer using anydesk and transferred money from her bank to her credit card account right before her very eyes.

Because they had access to her computer we are now worried about information theft, identity theft, the likes. Anyone with a similar experience and knows if the scam will go beyond the money already invested? Take much care for this Greenfield.

I am so frustrated. Basically this company is such a big scam. I am currently on hold with the fraud squad with my bank as this is what this company is, they are frauds.

I then said i read on google that this company is unlicensed and he said if i believe this then everyone would be dead very soon as the internet gives us lots of false information. Please assist me if you can. I have open an account with them the 14 December Deposit Have traded a few times and they deposit dollars into my account.

I have requested today a withdrawal and is waiting for the call from my account manager. Am I to lose everything or am I only getting back the trade money without the so called bonusses..

Hi There — I hope you can help me? I rang and rang on Saturday afternoon, as straight away I changed my mind and I have sent them a few emails. I am really not comfortable about giving my card details out I actually cancelled it to be on the safe side.

I believe they have tricked me also, they told me there was an app I could track this on so I could see how my deposit was doing. The app does not exist as I have searched and searched for it. I was also told that someone would call me on Tuesday evening yesterday and I have heard nothing.

I opened an account with them on 15th december I have deposited USD. I went out of mind i should have done it. They called me and told i will have some demo trading sessions.

But they did not turn up. I tried calling and mailing them nothing is working out. Is there any way for me to get my deposit amount back. They initially made us win win win. At the same time they asked us to invest more capital. Just before the New Year all of a sudden we started loosing with their advice. Is their CFD platform a scam? Can they play with that platform or is it link to Forex trading? Do you have any idea as to how we can recover our money back from them?

Big time stupid. Hello, It is an unregulated scam, they can do whatever they please. So even manipulate the price so you would lose all your trades. As you might have read in this comment sections, I have advised most people to contact their bank to cancel the deposit. But you made such a large deposit, that I am not even certain it was made by a credit card.

Unfortunately, in such case, there is not much how can I help you :. I tried my bank in that they can cancel the transaction but they said it is not possible for them to do so….. They advised me that i could just talk to them to return my money…. How can the Greenfields Capital manipulate the the price or the trade?

Everything was going well until the last trading day of December. They said everything went well and they would do the calculation and put the money into his account. When my partner made enquiries they said we lost money and his Greenfield account and calculations were in accordance with it. Since then his broker became unavailable. They appointed another person from a so called recovery department.

With that person advice he lost the rest of it within a short period. When I made the search about this company, it was created sometimes in and although there was two company shown as secretary and a person in the name of Stefka Nedelcha Ivanova are shown.

One company who was appointed as a secretary resigned and dissolved and the other company which is involved in most of the company creations also resigned.

So only this Bulgarian Nationality woman, Stefa Ivanova seems to be responsible for the company. And most of the other related companies were opened and dissolved within 6 months of their time. Can I cancel the deposit retrospectively? Wont the bank just blame me for not doing my own research?

Please be advised that every client that opens an account and deposits with us needs to go through verification. The required documents are mentioned in our Terms and Conditions and are under strict rules of the financial markets. Since we work with credit card companies, these documents are meant to prevent money laundering and fraud, and therefore they protect our clients.

Please proceed by submitting the required documents in order for our Financial Department to process your withdrawal request. They have asked for my 1d utility bill and my bank card that i used depositing. I have done so! But then she said its only a deposit as soon as i have an account i can take back the money and leave only 20USD. As soon as we already had account we tried to withdraw the money, two times, when they notice the USD withdrawal the Account Manager email me to cancel the withdrawal.

So i said i will cancel if u call but by the time he called he lead us to trading Gold vs Oil and buy all USD at once for Two days. He said he will call after two days. It took 6 business days. I am going to cancel my card asap.

I have been chatting with their agents online to check on the status of the refund. One of their account managers did call me to inquire why am I withdrawing and that I should cancel the withdrawal. I told him that I am not interested to trade through them due to the negative reviews I have read about them. The guy didnt continue any further to convince me. I have found this more reliable. I then got told I needed to do the verification of ID power bill CC card details etc which I did, then I got a call from another senior account manager asking why I would leave after not doing any trades.

I told them it was not any of their concern but requested that they honor my request so after all this backwards and forwards was done it was finally updated as pending on the I had written the money off.

So overall relieved to get money back and will be now only investing with a regulated broker. I hope this gives some of you guys a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

But it took about 4 weeks from start to finish. Regards Graham P. I have cancelled this CC. Hiya thanks for this information I have just deposited with these people and now placed a return transaction after reading this site.

I would be interested in viewing your website Michael. A guy called me yesterday and asked why i was withdrawing, i told him iam not convinced with their company…. I immediately cancelled my bank card and ordered a new one…. Hi there! I done the same! I got my deposit back the other day. I told my bank that they had asked me for sensitive documents to release my funds.

My bank told me under no circumstances give them your documentation. They even told me If you give them your account and sort code they would have to close my account. My tip. Contact your bank, tell them all about the deceptions. Promise of valuable profits. If Greenfields contact you again. Tell them your bank has advised you under no circumstances supply these documents and your bank will be in touch and correspondence will go via them going forward. My money went back 3 days later with no questions asked.

I felt like a fool telling my bank about this. Good luck everyone!!! Thank goodness i found this page, ive been had calls from them constantly for a month. Thanks again for all the comments ive read, i will NOT be investing with those crooks. It could turn ugly tomorrow as the account manager want to persuade me on the benefits.

Should I ignore or just play along. Definitely, do not tell him that you want to cancel the withdrawal, just explain to him that you now necessarily need the money for unexpected expenses. So , I got sucked in big time. I would have been then classed as VIP and get extra benefits due to the large deposit.. So I sent them the money..

After sleeping that night I felt sick in my stomach. I watched my 5k worth of trades loosing. I am now in a battle after nearly 3 weeks to get the remaining money back. I have adheard to there withdrawal terms and conditions worthless it seems and they are still holding my money.. This company are the absolute scum of the earth. Hello Gary, Thank you for sharing your story with us. And I am sorry to hear that you are one of the scammed people by GreenFields Capital. This company operates on the market illegally, so they can do basically whatever they want until the financial authorities do not take care of them.

Why in that case are they allowed to operate? You are welcome Gary. There is the thing that anyone can create a website and offer or do whatever they please. The fact that it is unethical or illegal unfortunately does not concern some people…The best way is to report them to financial authorities in your country.

They have even a page where you can report a scam — See. Help would be very appreciated, thanks. I decided not to join them.. Hello Adrian, You made a good decision to avoid Greenfields Capital. Please check out our article crypto brokers where are listed one of the best-regulated cryptocurrency companies.

Hi Green fields capital is a team of con-artists. I tink they r located in czech n lie they r fr london. Tis jack guy gave me bonus n retro contract bonus. N then said all my money was lost as mkts worked against me. He was the one who said it was risk free n i will nvr lose my investment.

My instincts told me he is a con artist fr the beginning bt didnt follow my instincts. I will wait for another weeks. Pl dont fall into their traps. As long as they trade for us, we will never lose our money. All r lies. Why do you think they are located in the Czech Republic? What gave them away? I am trading for 3 months so far with GreenFields Capital and it is going beyond amazing. Meanwhile i withdrew GBP in total, without any problems.

Even i think that you will not post my comment, since you are obviously paid advertise, guys, i cant believe that you are capable of doing this kind of filthy stuff. I have no problem with posting your comment, this is a free discussion anyone can join it with their opinion. As you can see hundreds of people, only from this forum, scammed by Greenfields Capital would disagree with the way this company works.

And regarding recommendation of the brokers, I promote only companies that I trust, have a good reputation and are fully licensed to operate on the market. And by that, I mean legally, not like Greenfields Capital which operates illegally. But Micheal mychargeback is also asking for upfront fee which could bescam again.

Alive anyone nk. Greenfield capital is a total fraud and scam, I have contacted police and cyber crime department, they are dodgy filthy dogs but I am helping out govt department to take actions and save British people. This is a relatively positive message about Greenfields Capital. I deposited a sum of money in 2 instalments, having allowed myself to be pressurised to give the 2nd. There were telephone calls, of course, to try to persuade me to continue — but I insisted that I wanted a refund.

I spoke to a senior manager explaining why and to a Customer Services representative. Both were extremely helpful and understanding. The Customer services representative contacted the Financial dept during our conversation and confirmed that the refund was approved and that I would have the money in days. The money was refunded in 2 working days. My only complaint is not with Greenfield Capital but with the system that led me to them.

When I clicked on the link which suggested that the trading could be very successful, it led straight to Greenfield Capital taking the initiative from me.

It did not give any information on which I could base a decision as to which — if any — broker I wished to join. That said, I have no other complaints at all.

How can this be? These people are the most devious I have ever encountered. I have asked them for help but I am at a loss as to how they could actually help. Hello Walter, They are professionals who help people get their money back from scammers.

Hi Michael, it seems I have been drawn in to there web. Hello Gary, If you are in a need of help with recovering your funds you can try MyChargeBack services. From what I have heard, they are quite good at this. I have had a bas experience with this broker.

This is what they do. The first thing is that you recieve calls in order to deposit more and more money. De second fase is to trade. Because I am not very experienced in trading I had to rely on them.

That was the moment for me te withdraw my money. And then starts the third fase. It has something to do with bonusses. They are very good in confincing their clients and so I decided to do one tradingsession more.

That was the final blow. I lost all my money in that session. I contacted the dutch authority AFM and they said this is a criminal organisation. You are warned! Hi Michael, Whatever you do please do not do it with this crowd.

They took me for over R Be careful all you innocent folk out there do your home work first before investing. Take care. Hi Michael, I signed up with greendfields before checking their credibility. Never read about these sites early in the morning when the brain doesnt function so well! Good job I did. Pushy guy. Fortunately I was having some difficulty transferring funds which caused considerable delay because within minutes of giving him my details I started to receive multiple calls from Russia, Oman and Venezuela none of which I answered.

This was highly unusual, just too much of a coincidence so I immediately checked reviews and halted money transfere. Lucky escape I think!! Hello, Thank you for sharing your story. You can either try to contact your bank on your own and ask them to cancel the payment or you can hire recovery professionals. MyChargeBack is one of the companies that might be able to help you to get your funds back.

Even to my surprise, they are able to retrieve the capital in most cases. I was told I would get a phone call on Apr 11th, but then got one that afternoon; I was driving so she said she would contact me back the following day at 10am.

At ish, I got the telephone call that was suggested would come… The lady gave what she called a tutorial, but it was so fast that not much of it could sink in. She had me install a piece of software onto my computer that she may see what I was doing whilst she was describing it to me.

Whilst still being connected to the software, she asked me to log into my bank account in order that she could setup a QPT Quick Profit Transfer.. I told her that I would be disconnecting her from my computer whilst I logged into it, which I did.

Once reconnected, she asked which account I wished to use, so I told he, but then I heard her reciting the numbers from another account that was on the screen so quickly interrupted her to say that was the wrong account, she agreed that she had gotten the wrong account; this doubled my suspicions.

Then came the attempt to get me to load more funds to their software, stating that only I could get at those funds and that they were not live trading funds until I made them so. To add to the above; at several times during the conversations I asked if they are British or in Britain due to the accents of herself and others that were speaking both in the background and directly to me.. One comment was that most of the traders there were from Wall Street and that is why they have American accents..

I noticed the are mentioned on the FCA Co black list unregulated ………. I see you recommend I Options as I am new to all this how do you learn I see they have a training app but not shore different between binary options cripto currants bit coins..

Hello, To learn the difference between binary options and cryptocurrencies, please read these two articles Binary basics and Crypto guide. Hi Micheal, a family friend has invested into a crypto called ripple, have done a bit of digging and a wallet recommendation is Gatehub, who it appears has a terrible reputation, and people calling it a scam.

Is this so? Hello Alan, Unfortunately, I can not help you with your question since I have no personal experience with the mentioned wallet. If your friend wants to buy Ripple securely with a regulated company, IQ Option does offer a crypto exchange. Hello everyone, take another prospective about green fields from an happy client. Hello Edward, Thank you for your comment. I came across your site by accident while I was looking into Greenfields to see if it was indeed a scam because i almost invested there last night but wanted to check them out first.

You are welcome, I am glad that you made your research before investing with the company. But it seems like they are not regulated. Its an awful feeling finding out the company you are dealing with are dodgy. I refused to accept any calls so never spoke to any of them, the one Email conversation I did have all she wanted to talk about was getting me to phone someone up even when I was talking about withdrawal with her — she was pushy to the point of being deranged.

I basically think they spam on mass once they have your details without really having one iota of a clue about you or your circumstance. Like someone said above it is only the online chat service who seemed to have someone that seemed rational to discuss withdraw situation with at least at time of writing he basically reassured my my money would come out after day which it was and grateful to see without any deduction as some have stated.

My only thought for those that have lost a lot of money is either look into reporting as a fraud or try the chargeback route as if its all just an elaborate virtual reality trading platform then they may just be hoping you walk away thinking your money is lost when its really all just an illusion, but its up to you to decide what to do.

Fortunately I read all this stuff here before getting in deeper and will in future look at other review sites in dealing with companies far more closely and I think also stick more to companies that I already know are legit.

Hi Phil , just to clarify , did you verify your account by sending them ID information before requesting a withdrawal , or did they refund anyway? So guys, please be aware of this. I got the usual days but in all honesty this morning i got back into my bank i have since bought smaller amounts of a genuine trading site of which there are many if you search sensible and made a little profit , I am hoping in time to understand more and maybe invest when i can and pay some things off thank you for this website it has helped me greatly , persevere with greenfields you may just get your cash back.

Funny, I received a telephone call from greenfields and oddly enough his name was Daniel Bowles hahahaha. As another victim of the above scam can I get clarity from anybody who has received a refund from Greenfields , did they verify there account first or did they manage to get there money back without sending ID?

Thanks in advance of answer. It came back no problem and I was surprised. The platform is web-based so traders can trade from any device as well as from anywhere.

There is no need to download any additional software or updates as everything is included in the online platform. SpotOption has an aesthetically pleasing interface that is very user friendly. The platform features an extensive number of tools for analysis and has many charting techniques which will further help traders make informed decisions on their trades.

In addition to the web-based SpotOption trading platform, traders can also download the mobile application for both Apple and Android smart devices including phones and tablets. This is a very nice feature as traders can trade from anywhere.

GreenFields Capital does an excellent job at accommodating the needs of different traders by offering them several account types. See them outlined below. GreenFields Capital offers traders support through live chat, email, an online form, and telephone five days a week. Their customer support team is available from 8am — 5pm Mondays — Thursdays and 8am — 1pm on Fridays. There is no support available on the weekends. In addition to support from the customer service representatives, Green Fields Capital offers an extensive education center with various information on trading, how to use the platform, and information on the listed assets.

As well, traders have access to tutorial videos and various eBooks that are available for download. Additionally, traders can find answers to most questions in the FAQ section on the website. GreenFields Capital is a very new online trading brokerage and is not yet regulated by a reputable regulatory authority. This may come as a concern to some traders, but keep in mind that no cryptocurrency exchanges are currently regulated.

Green Fields Capital provides the option for traders to trade Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies without having to join an unregulated cryptocurrency exchange to purchase the cryptocurrency. GreenFields Capital aims to provide a safer and more familiar environment for traders to benefit from trading cryptocurrencies on a secure and leading forex platform.

Traders are required to submit government issued ID for identification purposes, as well as proof of address, proof of payment, and a signed declaration document. All this personal information is claimed to be kept safe and secure and is never shared with any third parties. Green Fields Capital offers traders an extensive list of tradeable assets, including Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies.

While this is an impressive addition compared to many other binary options and forex brokers, the fact still stands that the broker is very new and unregulated. In our research we found that Green Fields Capital may not be as professional and serious as other leading trading brokerages. Therefore, we advise traders to take caution when dealing with this broker until and if they become regulated by a reputable authority. However, the broker does offer some nice features such as their SpotOption trading platform and a familiar environment for delving into the cryptocurrency trading space.

Greenfields Capital Review – Comprehensive Scam Test Compatible Brokers

Greenfields Capital is simply a platform that provides access to the trading market without facilitating in any way your trading experience. With an accuracy of over 90%, Bitcoin Profit actually. experience, and how to Premium Trading Platform minimum deposit for new GreenFields Capital is a Chat — Capital — GreenFieldsCapital is a new binary options trading APP forex trading platform. review and find out through Bitcoin GreenFields and Forex broker, that Bitcoin's total market capitalization and launched in new clients. Trading platform of Greenfields Capital The company uses famous SpotOption platform which offers classic High/Low binary options, ladder and one-touch options. Marginally the platform also includes Forex and CFD trading. Tags:Btctrader kimin, Rodrigo herrera aspra bitcoin trader, Btc markets new currency, Btc max market cap, Iqoption deposito bitcoin

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